New Interim Prime Minister in Romania

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Entertaining Revolt

cropped-Logo.pngWell there’s always something a bit entertaining about Romania. If it isn’t the fact that a fire in a night club was enough to topple the government than let it be that the temporary replacement is the minister of education should make you think this is a country serious about their infotainment. The new interim PM will be busy trying to get the protesters off the streets and back to work so the country can begin to function again. The vigor with which the Romanian people opposed the previous government under Victor Ponta was due to the perceived corruption in the Romanian government. It is unlikely that any of this news will have made it to your ears as the major headlines in all the news today circulates around the issues in Syria and Iraq. But Assad is not the only head of state disliked and distrusted by many of the countrymen over whom he rules.

The president of Romania, Klaus Iohannis, appointed the new interim PM, Sorin Campeanu, after the resignation of the government on the 4th of November, 2015. The hope is this band-aide government will last until a new government can be proposed and accepted by the parliament. Only time will tell if this will have a calming effect on the more than thirty thousand protesters who have gathered around the country. It is rumored that these groups are forming a new party that will seek to usurp the corrupt powers in the Romanian upper class government.

In the mean time keep your ears peeled for some great revolutionary songs coming out of Romania these days and enjoy the fact that you don’t have to know the troubles of the whole world to know the general sorrow of every man. Here’s a toast to Sorin and his soon to be short lived presence as the ruler of Romania.



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