The primary purpose of infotainment is to inform. This should never be overlooked when creating media known as infotainment. But one must remember that infotainment must also be entertaining. Some of the first examples of infotainment for the modern reader might have been the School House Rock series. I’ve included a video clip from Youtube that properly exemplifies an educational infotainment production.


Infotainment came into use as a word in the last two decades but it has existed as a means of conveying information for ever. Mary Poppins conveys the simple truth in the song sung in the Disney classic “A Spoon Full of Sugar.”

Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.

There are bitter things in life that are best complimented with sugar. For some reason receiving information goes against the very Ego which would like to go through life believing that it did not need more information to accomplish all tasks at hand.

Consider for a moment the man who doesn’t want to pull over for directions or the woman who would rather not hear that the “deal” she found at the store the other day was actually ten percent more expensive than the cheapest price in the store next door.

There is something absolutely pleasant about ignorance. Ignorance may be bliss, but it is a fleeting bliss that lasts only until one comes to the point of desperation – with credit cards maxed out or the tank of gas near empty even the most prideful of drivers or shoppers will ask for help and admit a need for information. At this point it is too late for infotainment. Infotainment’s purpose is to allow the individual a seemingly inane piece of media to inform them on important news, facts and perspectives.

The satire, comedy, and farce use this same tactic to inform people through the exaggeration of events for the purpose of informing the audience of the perspective of the writer. Information without prorogation is the equivalent of a very intelligent man who can only carry on a conversation with himself, or a very handsome woman who will only look at herself in the mirror – useless.

Information with proper propagation is what turns into media companies, news agencies and good movies. We like to know about the minorities and their struggles but we’d rather hear about it in the form of a feel good overcoming obstacles film produced by Disney rather than a rioting mob. Information while not always pleasant must always be engaging if it is to be remembered. We create everything from songs and raps to acronyms and codes to help us remember these difficult to grasp concepts and make them interesting for our minds.

We are severely limited by what we strive to know and we strive to know a lot without ever learning.